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My Favorite Soldier
Marianthe Snyder

Being my favorite soldier
Is not the easiest of things
Living the military life
Maintaining Freedom’s ring

Liberating a country
That is not even your own
Making the world a better place
For our children when they are grown.

I’m praying for your protection
If the enemy should attack
Trusting the Lord above
And that your buddies “got your back”

Waiting for your safe return
When you finally come home
Being strong until the end
Even though I feel alone.

Since the day, I said I do
I’ve loved you more each day
I’m proud to be your wife
To show support along life’s way

You are my all time hero
Being the soldier that you are
You are my best friend
Whether deployed near or far

Even though there are difficulties
In our life each day
There is hope in tomorrow
And reunions on the way

So, soldier hard and soldier safe
And hold me close at heart
For when you close your eyes at night
In your dreams, I’ll play a part!!!

(this poem won 1st place in the 2005    First ID writing contest)

Yellow Ribbons
by Marianthe Snyder

I placed a yellow ribbon on my front door today
I was told it represents my love,who is so far away.

There is a yellow ribbon in our yard around a tree,
I put it there as a reminder of my love across the sea.

I will wear a yellow ribbon on my lapel each day,
Waiting for my handsome soldier and for his safe return I pray.

Since the day he left I've worn my yellow ribbon with pride,
But my heart feels it is breaking without him by my side.

I have a yellow ribbon that is wrapped around my breaking heart,
God has placed it there, to keep it from falling apart.

Roses of Victory
Written by Marianthe Snyder
Dedicated to the ladies of the”Big Red One”

Just as the Roses in Victory Park
We waited for the morning sun to take away all that was dark.

We blossomed and bloomed and waited for the rain.
The showers of e-mail and letters was something to help keep us sane.

We were strong and beautiful even standing alone,
But in a bunch we were radiant as we waited for our soldiers return home.

We stayed behind at home to continue to grow and bloom
Knowing that our loved ones return, would not be a day too soon .

We gave each other courage to brave the cold weather
Making our way through the deployment, holding our homes together.

Even with life’s incredible color and beauty
We scathed through the thorns of distance and duty.

So as a bed of roses on Victory’s lawn
We prayed for our soldiers to make it to each dawn.

For from the ashes of war and deployment’s difficulty.
Came the fragrant, beautiful roses of sweet victory!

A Soldiers Bride
By Marianthe

There was a young bride, who sat by the phone
Praying that God , would bring her husband safely home.

For her husband was a soldier off at war to fight.
Protecting our freedom with all of his might.

Everyday she would hurry to pick up the mail.
For all she could think of was this man she once held.

She had a dream, one lonely night,
That her soldier came home, no longer to fight.

But when she awoke and got out of bed,
At her door, two men with a letter of dread.

It was short and formal, simply stating the case,
But all she could think of was her beloveds face.

What was to become of the young bride:
She was now a widow, no husband at her side.

The pain was almost more than she could bear,
But then she realized her husband was still there.

He lived on in her heart, and in the memories that they shared,
Knowing this , she became stronger and a little less scared.

Not alone to face the world, but with God by her side,
She knew it was not in vain, her husband had died.

But so it was the cost for our liberty,
That so many take for granted , from sea to shining sea.

So when you think of freedom as you're living day to day.
Remember the soldiers that died along the way.

Painting for a Cause
"red ribbons"
"Love's Journey"
"hungry" 18"x24" oil on canvas
"waiting" oil on canvas 18"x24"
Art by Marianthe is a supporter of
Love's Reach International , Folds of Honor and Wounded Warrior Project .